Cleaning Hotel Phones to Keep Guests Safe

How to Sanitise Guest Room Phones Safely

These recommendations have been produced to help hoteliers meet the challenges presented by the global Covid19 pandemic. High touch surface areas such as hotel phones will need special attention in order to ensure guest safety. Here are the dos and dont’s of cleaning your HTI hotel phones.

For your safety it is recommended that you wear PPE whilst cleaning your HTI hotel phones

Suitable products include suitable surface disinfectant wipes such as 70% alcohol wipes, or 70% alcohol solution on a microfiber cloth. To clarify alcohol cleansing wipes should consist of (70% isopropyl alcohol.)

If using a microfiber cloth, spray at solution of 70%  alcohol disinfectant onto the microfiber cloth until it is absorbed evenly. Do not use excessive alcohol as it is flammable. Once the solution has been absorbed, wipe down the entire phone and use a dry cloth to remove any residual dampness. 

Alcohol wipes of 70% alcohol can also be used to disinfect the phone, again remember to wipe the entire surface area of the phone.

Wait until the phone is dry before re-use.

Products to Avoid When Cleaning Hospitality Phones

Do not use household cleaning products (eg undiluted bleach or abrasives)

Do not use hydrogen pyroxide (>3%) or acetone

Do not use any type of scrubbing pads

Do not sanitise with steam, hot water, hot air or UV Light

Do not hold the phone under running water

Do not spray or pour cleaner directly onto the phone

Do not rub excessively when cleaning the phone

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