Harmony Microhub DT Hotel Media Panel

Part Code: HMDT1001M


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The Harmony Microhub Desktop (DT) hotel media panel is the latest version of the Harmony Media Panel Series from Hotel Technology International. Its most powerful feature is the modular design which enables the custom combination of different panels.  The Harmony Microhub DT hotel media panel has a USB charging socket offering fast charging for Ipads, Tablets or Smartphones and can also play audio or video as well as display pictures from your flash drive. The Harmony Microhub hotel media panel offers HDMI, Stereo Jack and Bluetooth audio connectivity from a panel the size of a single power outlet.

Plug and Play functionality – autoswitches TV to HDMI and TV to original mode when device is disconnected
Single HDMI cable for simple installation
Bluetooth allows wireless music streaming to TV
Plays and charges electronic devices via USB, including IPOD, IPAD and IPHONE
Supports full HD video resolution up to 1080P
Wall or furniture mountable

USB Content and charging
Audio/Headset jack
CEC control
Single HDMI for all services

Available Models

Matte Black desk top hotel media panel with HDMI, USB, audio/headset jack, bluetooth, CEC control.

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