Homtime Classic Entry Level Alarm Clock

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The Homtime  Classic hotel alarm clock from Hotel Technology International is an easy-to-use entry level hotel alarm clock with a 4 level dimmable LED display screen. This is a smart-priced product for budget-conscious hotels.

4 level Dimmable LED Display Screen 5V 1A USB Charging Port Single Day Alarm Snooze Function 12H/24H Switch Dual Alarm Mode: Shaker/ Ringtone One-touch Alarm Switch-Off

Compatible with iPad and Mobile Phones
Single USB Charging Port Power: AC 110-240V, 50-60hz, DC 5V 1A

Available Models

Hom Class
Easy-to-use alarm clock, Dimmable LED display screen, Day Alarm Snooze function, One-touch alarm switch-off. Powered by USB

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