Vivo 5000 IP Wifi with USB Port Hotel Telephone

Part Code: V5000IP-USBW


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The Vivo 5000 IP Wifi with USB port  hotel telephone, available in matte black, silver or ivory, combines modern design with up-to-date functionality that is popular with today’s hotel guest. The Vivo 5000 IP  Wifi with USB port hotel telephone has an LED screen, supports several languages; English, Chinese, Russian, French etc, and supports three way conferencing and SMS. It also comes with up to 10 programmable guest service keys.

Wireless working frequency up to 5.8. GHz.
Supports up to 10 programmable Guest Service Keys
Multi-language: Eg English, Chinese, Russian, French etc
2 Sip accounts, supports three way conference, SMS
Desk and wall-mountable
1 x Lan, PoE, RJ9 Headset
Supports 15 programmable keys
XML/LDA, BLF/BLA Searchable phone book
Optional USB Port

Call Forwarding
Flash or Guest Service Key
Redial Key
Call Waiting, Transfer, Hold
Auto Answer

Wideband codec: G.722
Narrowband codec: G.711 /A, G.723.1
G.726, G.729a/b, iLBC

XML Phone Book search input & output
Enterprise phone book (800 series)

Available Models

VOIP hotel guestroom phone. Supports several languages, 3 way conferencing and SMS. Comes with up to 10 programmable GSK.