Vivo 578 Analogue Hotel Telephone

Part Code: V578A (1S)


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The Vivo 578 Analogue hotel phone is a smart option for budget conscious hotels wanting to offer practical functionality without stinting on style. The Vivo 578 analogue hotel telephone is a single line analogue guest room hotel telephone.  It provides you with a small footprint hotel telephone that can be either desk based or wall mounted to suit your requirements. The Vivo 578 analogue hotel telephone can be configured with one/ two-touch memory dial keys.

Single line analogue telephone
1 One-touch memory dial
10 Two-touch memory dial
Mute, Flash and Pause for memory dial

Desk and wall mountable
Available in black, blue or silver

Programmable ringer volume Programmable ringer tone Ringer off Tone dialling Desk top and wall mountable  

Available Models

V578 A(1S)

Single line analogue hotel guest room phone with programmable ringer volume, mute, flash and pause for redial