Wireless Charging is a MUST for Hotel Guest Rooms

Hotel Technology International Advocates Wireless Charging

Hotel guests commonly bring multiple devices with them during their stay. Yet many hotels have yet to provide easy access to wireless charging outlets. At best this makes your hotel seem behind with the trend, at worst it can lead to guest inconvenience and disappointment. A recent survey found that almost 90% of people ‘felt panic’ when their phone battery dropped to 20 per cent or below. Yet it’s all too easy to forget to pack a charger!

As your guests start to see wireless charging appear in more and more outlets on a day to day basis, eg coffee shops, restaurants, rail stations and airports, they will expect hotels to offer this facility as standard.

Stay ahead of the game by offering wireless charging in the hotel guest room and common access areas such as lobbies, lounges and dining areas. Hotel Technology International offers a number of stylish wireless charging solutions for the hospitality industry and our knowledge of connectivity solutions is second to none.  See our vast range of wireless charging solutions for hotel guestrooms.