ACE Nordic SL Hotel Desk Phone

Part Code: VN300A(1S)


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The ACE Nordic SL hotel desk phone from Hotel Technology International, available in black with a choice of black gold or  silver trimmings, is an elegantly designed, small footprint hotel telephone. The ACE Nordic hotel phone is a single line phone with 1 guest service key and redial and flash keys. The ACE Nordic SL hotel phone is ideal for hotels looking for a more stylish hotel guest room telephone.  This is one of the designer phones that has led to Hotel Technology International being chosen as the ‘Best Technology Provider 2023’ by LUXLIFE magazine

Analogue Telephone compatible with all major PBX/PABX 
telephone systems
Smart Design Format
Single line
Ringing light
Adjustable Handset Volume 
Pause, Flash and Redial  keys

High Quality Plastic Casing 
Matte Finish
Colour Options: Black with Silver trim. Black with Gold Trim, Black with Black Trim

Available Models

Analogue, small footprint hotel guest room phone, single line, redial, volume, single light, ringing light. 


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