Hotel Room Service Delivery Robot

Part Code: RUN01-HTI


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Name: RUN

Height:  90cm Width: 50cm

Volume: 28 x 24.5 x 32cm

Weight: 47 KG

Payload: 10KG

Speed: 0.9m/s (walking speed)

Introducing Robot Service Delivery for the Hospitality Industry. “Run” – an advanced hotel service robot that can independently call and use the elevator, show guests to their hotel room, deliver room service, talk to guests in their own language to find out what goods they need, find its own docking station for recharging and work night and day to improve the overall guest experience. The hotel-tech hospitality robot is known as “Run” but you can rename and rebrand the robot to suit your hotel. “Run”  has been tried and  tested and is already being used successfully in thousands of hotel rooms world-wide. For the advantages  of Robot Technology read more 
Hotel Tech Hotel Service Robot for Hospitality Industry

Can be fully branded to your specification

Height: 90cm

Diameter: 50cm

Weight : 45 KG

Load Capacity: 10KG

Speed: Normal Adult speed (IE 0.7-1.0m/s)

Maximum Obstacle Avoidance width: 3.5cm

Maximum Jump-Over Bump Height: 1.2cm

Battery Endurance: 8-9 Hours (no load)

Charging Time: 4-5 Hours

Independently able to call and use elevator 

Can show guests to their hotel room

Able to make phone calls

Obstacle avoidance 

Intelligent map creation

Multi-language communication skills

Self charging via a docking station

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