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Hotel Room Service RobotHotel Technology International has always been at the forefront of introducing new technologies to the hospitality industry and as part of our on-going commitment to provide an exceptional level of service, we are pleased to introduce you to ‘Run’ your very own guest service robot.

Frequently Asked Questions

According to an article published in Hotel Technology News, in a study conducted in 2017, 60% of respondents said they would be comfortable being attended to by a robot.

HTI has partnered with one of the leading manufacturer’s of robot technology. This type of hotel robot is already in use in thousands of hotels throughout the world. Run is equipped with intelligent obstacle avoidance and also offers the advantage of contactless delivery which appeals to guests from both a cleanliness and privacy perspective.

  • Efficiency – A robot is happy to work unsociable hours
  • User Experience -Robots do not have bad moods or bad days and can improve the guest experience. Children in particular love them
  • Cost Saving Benefits – After the initial outlay, Robots are a low maintenance means of improving the smooth running of your hotel
  • Promotional Opportunities – Your hotel robot can be fully branded and programmed to draw guest attention to the facilities offered by your hotel.  

There are 3 Easy Steps to Deployment

Site survey –

  • Routing: make sure routes of the robot are smooth without steps (suitable for slopes < 12 degree);
  • Investigation on elevator integration


  • Charging dock position selection;
  • Intelligent mapping and route planning;
  • Elevator integration: physical integration or API integration;
  • Function test


  • Acceptance test;
  • Training

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