Cotell Aurum Premium Analogue Cordless Hotel Telephone

Part Code: AU2080AW(1S)SP


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The Cotell Aurum Premium Cordless hotel guestroom phone has been designed to address the needs of discerning hoteliers. With a small footprint and built to withstand years of use without losing its pristine looks, this phone combines established hospitality features with modern and sophisticated design.

Single line analogue phone compatible with all major pbx/pabx systems
1-6 programmable Guest Service Keys
1.8/1.9 Ghz frequency band
Base and handset dialling capability

Secured digital transmission
Redial capability for both base and handset
Hold on base and handset
Surface mount technology with CPU control
Full length customizable
High immunity to electronic radiation
Adjustable flash-hook timer
Handset and speaker volume control

Ringer volume control
Redial, hold, mute and flash

Optional +5V/2.1A USB Charger

Matte finished high quality plastic casing
Standard Matte Finish: Black and White 
Optional coloured rim 

Power: 220V/110V-9V power adaptor
Humidity: 65% +/- 20%
Weight: 1.00kg
Footprint: 23.6cm x 16.5cm x 9.5cm
Temperature: 25ºC +/- 10ºC

CE, FCC, CCC Approved Product
RoHS Certified FCC: Complied with Parts 15 and 68 
of FCC Rules
ISO9001 Quality Assured Manufacturing
5 year warranty

Available Models

AU2080AW(1S)SP Single line analogue phone with 1-6GSK, redial, hold, mute and flash, ringer volume control, adjustable flash-hook timer.

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