Why Technology Should be Incorporated into Hotel Design Briefs

Hotel Technology International Ltd Explains Why HotelPhones are Crucial to Revenues

At Hotel Technology International we have long argued the case for hotelphones as a means of guest communication that adds value to your service offering. We are pleased to see that many hotel designers are now incorporating hotel phone handsets that complement the hotel for which they are intended into their design plans. Here we explain why HotelPhones are crucial to revenues.

Why Hotel Phones Should be Planned into your Hotel Designs 
Hotel Interior Design trends in 2023 saw a move towards a more minimal approach with  designs that make it easy for guests to enjoy an enhanced experience. With hotel occupancy rates having increased in 2023, a key focus for hotels has been to recoup revenues lost during the pandemic and maximise incremental earning opportunities by diversifying into other revenue streams. Rooms are no longer the main focus of attracting guests, hotels are now frequently using amenities and wellness-enhancing facilities as a means of standing out from their competitors.

Yet all these attempts to improve guest facilities will be in vain without a simple means of allowing guests to connect. Smart hoteliers recognise that once guests enter their hotel room, the quickest way to ensure that they are able to enjoy your additional facilities is by having a well configured hotel phone that connects them straight  to a service at the time they are most inclined to make a booking. This is a simple, cost-effective means of upselling. What’s more, technology that blends in with the background is achievable through smart faceplate design and customisation. Take the Ace Nordic for example, we are now able to offer this with your choice of black, silver or gold trim. Our commitment to elegant design is just one of the reasons why Hotel Technology International was voted ‘Best Hospitality Technology Specialist 2023’ See below for other reasons why Hotel Technology International designs are now being specified on the briefs of hotel designers.

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Reasons why Hotel Technology International was Voted No1

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