Fuego WallMount Hotel Bathroom /Lobby Telephone

Part Code: FG2068A(1S)SP 


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The Fuego WallMount analogue hotel bathroom phone from Hotel Technology International is a small footprint analogue with features that make it highly suitable for the hotel bathroom and lobby. This is a single line analogue phone with SOS & Hold functionality.

Single line analogue phone
High immunity to electro-magnetic circulation
Feature selection:
• SOS & answer button
• SOS hold & answer buttons
• Other combinations available on request (max 4)
Standard 86mm back box
Choice of acrylic, metallic alloy or brushed metal finish
Additional faceplate colour options

Power: line powered
Temperature: 0-40°centigrade
Humidity: 95% max non-dew forming
Weight: 0.5kg
Measurements: 86mm x 86mm

Black Acrylic finish
White Acrylic finish
Silver Acrylic finish
Gold Acrylic finish
Other colours available upon request

*Standard colour is matte black only

Available Models

FG2068A (1S) SP 
Single line analogue phone with feature selections: SOS & Answer, SOS Hold & Answer (or other combinations, max 4)

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