ACE Vega Hotel Bathroom Phone

Part Code: VVE60A(1S)


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The ACE Vega analogue hotel bathroom phone from Hotel Technology International combines classic style with humidity resistant features to suit the modern hotel’s bathroom, it also sits well as a lobby phone.  The ACE Vega bathroom hotel phone is built to withstand years of daily use without losing its pristine looks, the Vivo Vega hotel bathroom phone is a smart and stylish investment.

Analogue (TDM) Phone compatible with all major PBX/PABX telephone systems
Trimline Format
Water and Humidity Resistant
Adjustable Handset Volume
Mute, Flash, Redial Keys

High Quality Plastic Casing
Matte Finish
Colour Options: Matte Black, Matte White

Available Models

Analogue, trimline hotel bathroom/ lobby phone, water and humidity resistant. Mute, flash, redial keys

Also available in white VVE60A(1s)w

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