Why HotelPhones are a Quick Win for Hoteliers

Hotel Technology International Provides HotelPhones that Increase Revenues


There is no doubt that technology is revolutionizing the hospitality industry and it is very easy to become blindsided by the many opportunities open to the industry. There is one simple yet long-standing piece of technology that can improve the guest experience and generate incremental revenues. The hotelphone is a promotional tool and a free form of advertising that hoteliers ignore at their peril. All to often, we see hotelphones that look shabby and are clearly not fit for purpose. If you are sitting on phones that are more than five years old, then it is time to think of changing them. At Hotel Technology International we are pleased to take your technology briefs, no matter how large or small. We can provide you with elegant solutions that make it easy for guests to book your facilities. Our in-house team will design you a faceplate in keeping with the style of your hotel. In a service industry, we believe that keeping the human touch is a no-brainer. 


  • Helps guest focus on what your hotel has to offer
  • Gives guests on-demand access to your services, 
  • Provide that all important human interaction
  • Re-enforces your commitment to service
  • Adds to the guest experience making for a more enjoyable stay
Hotel Technology International is delighted to have won the Luxlife Hospitality Awards ‘Best Hospitality Technology Specialists 2023’ Hotel Technology International has provided thousands of hotel phones to hotels and hospitality partners worldwide. Our commitment is to provide technology that improves the guest experience.
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Those committed to improving the guest experience, including buyers of Hotel- Technology looking to purchase hotelphones. Hoteliers looking to buy new phones or replace existing phones. Hotel architects and designers looking for elegant solutions to guest room technology. Hotelphones, like all forms of technology are constantly evolving, so if your establishment has phones that are more than 5 years old, now is the time to think about updating your guest technology.

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