Customised and Off-the-Shelf Wireless Charging Solutions

Hotel Wireless Charging solutions are a “ must have” in hotel guestrooms. Hotel Wireless charging is practical, reliable and easy-to-use and can enhance the guest experience by adding a touch of style and sophistication to the room.

Hotel Technology International Limited offers stand-alone wireless Qi charging pads
that can be placed on any flat surface, such as a bedside table or writing desk. Not only does the charging pad serve as a protective layer for furniture, the charging pad provides a fast and convenient wireless charging option to hotel guests. 

Wireless Qi charging is not only practical, it is also cost efficient. There are no exposed electrical connections to wear out or break, and charging pads are also watertight with no moving parts. This makes them hygienic and robust.

Benefits of Wireless Charging

Wireless Qi charging allows guests to charge their devices quickly and easily without
the need for cables or power outlets. Instead, they simply place their compatible device
on the charging pad to start charging.
Less clutter:
With the wireless Qi charging solutions offered by Hotel Technology International
Limited, there is no need to keep track of multiple cords and cables, which often get
lost or broken. A single mobile wireless charger replaces them all, making wireless
charging a popular choice for hotel guestrooms.
Extends battery life:
Guests can lay their smartphone on the wireless Qi charger whenever they have a few
minutes to give its battery life a quick boost.
Compatibile with A Wide Range of Mobile Devices, Smartphones and Tablets
The wireless Qi charging solution on offer from Hotel Technology International Limited
is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and
smartwatches. This means that guests do not need to worry about bringing their own
charging cables or adapters, as the charging pad will work with their device regardless
of its charging port.
Safe connections:
As all wireless Qi charging takes place inside the phone, there’s no risk of corroded
USB ports, reducing the risk of charging errors or electrical faults. You also never
need to worry about electrical problems caused by third-party charging cables,
which can be less than reliable.
No Wear and Tear:
Plugging phones into power cable regularly increases the risk of damaging phone
ports, which can lead to costly repairs. With the wireless Qi charger, There is no danger
of damaging the phone port.
No Risk of Overheating:
Once a Qi-compatible phone is fully charged, it turns off the wireless charger, saving
energy and preventing the battery from overheating.
Aesthetically Appealing
Wireless Qi charging pads can be incorporated into the design of hotel furniture or
accessories, creating a sleek and modern look that is both functional and stylish. For
example, charging pads can be laid on bedside tables or writing desk, making them a
seamless part of the hotel room décor.
Cost Effective:
Installation of Qi charging can be a cost-effective long-term solution,: by providing
guests with a convenient charging option, hotels can reduce the need for additional
power outlets and charging cables, which can save money on maintenance and
replacement costs over time. 


Qi-charger for Hotels
Customised Qi_Charging for Hotels

Can stand alone or be integrated into furniture

High quality materials : in leather or PU with colour options as below

Wireless Charger Colour Options

Stylish, Sophisticated, Cost Effective and Experience Enhancing


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