Support - The After Sales Service Guarantee from Hotel Technology International

Hotel Technology International's Quality Guarantee

HTI’s hotel phones and  hospitality telephones are manufactured to the highest quality standards with processes and practices officially certified to ISO9001 standards, and full compliance with international standards on electrical device safety.
Should your HTI hotel phone develop a fault due to manufacturing error or component failure, the product is fully covered by our comprehensive warranty and support service. An HTI hotel phone purchase is a safe purchase.
HTI phones and products are covered by a comprehensive warranty framework. Should your product develop a fault during the warranty period or fail to perform to our specifications, we will repair or replace the unit at no charge subject to our terms and conditions.
5 Year Warranty All Premium-line Analogue Telephone Products, including all SmartStation models
2 Year Warranty All SIP, Legacy Economy-line Analogue Telephone Products,IP network and powered electronic products.
Your product purchase needs to be registered. This will be taken care of automatically when you purchase products through an approved reseller or systems integrator.


For all Warranty registrations and questions regarding our Warranty, please contact us at


User Guides
HTI  product user guides/instruction manuals are available in an electronic format only, and can be downloaded from this site. Alternatively please email us with the model number of your phone and we will be pleased to send you the relevant user guide
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